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4 x 30' Golf Lesson

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£120 £99

4 x 30' Golf Lesson

Beat your friends, get your handicap down, win the medal or win the club champs... It all starts with a lesson at the St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre.

Why The St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre?

The St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre is staffed by the most experienced PGA Professionals in St Andrews. Among our talented Professionals we have two Tour players: Bill McColl and Chris Kelly along with PGA Advanced Professional and Head PGA Professional George Finlayson

All our lessons are delivered with the support of Trackman, the most advanced golf ball tracking technology in the world.

About Trackman

Our Pros are trained to understand the data Trackman collects about your swing and they use that data to understand exactly how to improve your game. Trackman allows us to take any guessing out of making you a better golfer. 

What's Included

  • 4 x 30 Minute lesson 
  • Coaching from an Advanced PGA Professional
  • TPI Screening
  • Video analysis
  • Trackman data
  • Report & Action Plan