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30 Min Trackman



  • Trackman is industry leading golf technology and is used by top players including "Tiger"
  • Weather proof - no wind or rain

What is 30 Min Trackman?

  • Introduction to Trackman by a PGA Professional
  • 30 Minute Indoor Trackman Session
  • Data recorded; for each shot
  • Report created; emailed to your inbox for review

The Process for the Recipient

  • Call the Office with voucher reference number
  • Arrange a date and time
  • Meet the Professional on the agreed date and time
  • The voucher is flexible. The Recipient can change the experience to any tuition displayed on our website up to the value of the original voucher. (T&C's apply)

Cost summary

30 Min Trackman

Please select the number of Sessions
Cost per Sessions £12.50
Total Cost £12.50

“I was at the indoor simulator today . Great set up , Andrew was very helpfully and gave some great advice about my game . Will be back soon cheers for the information also about lessons and memberships”

- Alan Adamson, Scotland

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“I learned about this facility recently, and decided to check it out today. Andrew was very welcoming and extremely helpful. The Trackman technology at the facility is an excellent tool to use to learn more about your golf game. Although I've only visited once, I can certainly say I will be returning frequently. The St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre is a perfect place to go if you're looking to improve your game!”

- Alex P, Scotland

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