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Golf Simulator

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£25 £12.50
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£25 £12.50

Golf Simulator

State of the art Golf Simulator in St Andrews with a varied choice of courses including Old Course

Stop guessing how to improve your swing and receive clear, precise and accurate data about how you play. Trackman is the same technology used by golf pros, now accessible to anyone, whenever you want.


Trackman is the most advanced golf radar on the planet. This amazing piece of technology will sit behind you, while you swing your club in one of our bays Trackman will take care of everything else.

These are just some of the stats that Trackman can show you:

  • Smash Factor: Ball speed divided by club speed;
  • Spin Rate: The amount of spin on the golf ball immediately after impact;
  • Launch Angle: The angle the ball takes off at relative to the ground;
  • Carry: The distance the ball travels through the air;

Trackman also offers a highly customizable interface, allowing you to pick and choose which stats to obsess over.


Sometimes going to the range is simply not enough. Precise information about your swing is the only way to improve, and that’s exactly what Trackman is for. 

If you are not sure what you’re doing wrong, then it’s likely Trackman is what you’re looking for.


Trackman is fairly straightforward, it’s been designed to act as close to real golf as possible so it’s unlikely you’ll have any problems.

However, in case that happens, the St Andrews Indoor Centre is entirely staffed by PGA Pros who will be available to answer any and all issues that you might encounter. You can find out more about our staff and their qualifications here.

What's Included

  • Arrival at our Indoor Golf Centre
  • Introduction to Golf Simulator
  • 60 Minute Golf Simulator Session
  • 1-8 Players